Corporate Memberships

CHI*Atlanta is pleased to announce a new Corporate Membership program for 2009. The program is aimed at Atlanta companies that value intuitive design, friendly technology, and a focus on the people who use their sites and products.

If your company has at least three employees who create websites, software applications, or products used by human beings, you can now purchase memberships at a significant discount over the regular $55 professional rate. The more memberships you purchase, the more you save.

Corporate Membership Pricing

Number of Memberships Price per Membership
3 - 5 $45 (18% discount)
6 - 10 $40 (27% discount)
11+ $35 (36% discount)

Benefits of corporate memberships

  • Memberships are tied to your company, not individuals, so you can invite guests or send different employees to different events
  • Memberships guarantee free admission to all CHI events (even national speakers!) for the number of people you designate
  • Admission to networking events and CHI*Atlanta’s annual summer social for the number of people you designate
  • Circulate your targeted job postings to CHI*Atlanta’s membership

Terms and Conditions

Memberships must be purchased together in order to qualify for the corporate membership pricing.

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